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Dental tourism - why Novi Sad

If you decide to do any dental treatment at our place, the accommodation is the first thing you do not have to worry about. Parking for your car, also.
Just above our practice, we provide comfortable apartment – perfectly located. It is in the city center, near Novi Sad fair , sports and business center ‘Spens’, city beach ‘Štrand’ and malls that are perfect for shopping . There is also a garage, so if you come by car , you do not have to worry about it.

Dental tourism and dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’

Novi Sad, as Serbian capital of culture, offers fantastic possibilities. We would like to emphasise :

Dental tourism - 'Exit'

Music festival ‘Exit’

Held every year in July on Petrovaradin fortress.

Dental tourism - Artscape market

Artscape market

Exhibitions (market) arts, local talents

Dentalni turizam - Festival

Festival uličnih svirača

Održava se svakog septembra, koji na ulice grada dovodi najraznovrsnije umetnike sa internacionalne i domaće scene kojima je ulično sviranje i nastupanje na trgovima stil života.

Dentalni turizam - muzej

Noć muzeja

u maju svake godine, kada sa jednom ulaznicom obilazite sve muzeje grada i izložbene postavke.

Dentalni turizam - Pozorište

Srpsko narodno pozorište, Pozorište mladih i Novosadsko pozorište

Dentalni turizam - Bioskop

Bioskop “Arena Cineplex”

sa velikim klimatizovanim salama i projekcijama u 3D-u.

Dental tourism - Festival

Festival “Cinema City”

In June, promotes young film authors and independent productions from the country, region and the whole World.

Dental tourism - Wine


Festival of wine that is held in June on the main city square. (

Dental tourism - Festival

‘Etno festival’

In June, on the city beach ‘Štrand’, food and music festival of Vojvodine region.

Dental tourism - Festival

‘Tamburica fest’

in June, located on Petrovaradin fortress, tambourine players from the whole region .

Dental tourism - Festival

‘Biciklana fest’

In August; the basic idea and aim of the festival is that the authorities and public pays attention to bike riders , their everyday endangerenment in traffic and other problems.

Dental tourism - Festival

‘Dani Brazila (Brazilian days)’

In August, samba carnival; festival that celebrates Brasilian culture on the streets of Novi Sad .

For sport fans , near our practice , there is ‘Spens’, which is open every day.

There are indoor and outdoor swimming , bowling alley, archery, table tennis area, ice ring , tennis court, volleyball pitch, basketball court ,judo court, wrestling and boxing ring . (photos)
Besides a variety of sports , there are also concerts and different exhibitions held throughout the whole year . (photos)
Besides a lot of sightseeing and sport and cultural events, Novi Sad has a lot to offer with its surrounding.

Petrovaradin fortress

On the right bank of the river Dunube, our ‘Gibraltar on Dunube’, was built by Austria at the end of 17th and beginning of 18th century because of constant danger from Turkish invasion and close border with the Ottoman empire. There is the famous clock, specific about the little pointer showing minutes and the big pointer showing hours .


Lighthouses of Panonian low land and symbols of traditional life in Vojvodina will make your stay unforgettable.

Fruška gora

The first national park in Serbia with its 14 lakes and 16 monasteries ,belonging to Serbian-Orthodox church.

As you may see, there are a lot of reasons why to choose Novi Sad and our practice. If you have never been in our city, it is right time to change it, and if you have been, then you already know that it is always nice to come back.

Welcome to Novi Sad and dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’!

Dental tourism - Dr Lolin apartments

Learn the offer of our apartment accommodation for ‘Dr Lolin’ practice patients.
For the patients who come and do not know the city well, we may provide an additional service – someone to welcome at the airport or bus/railway station. Friendly atmosphere and warm relationship between the dentist and patient will contribute to your precious impression and beautiful smile!

Zmaj Ognjena Vuka 14

21000 Novi Sad, Srbija