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3D resolution teeth recording helps us diagnose and decide on the adequate therapy, without loosing time looking for place to do it . We save your time! You do not have to be our patient to do it in our practice.

Digital Ortopan

3D dental record

One jaw

Both jaws

Teeth recording - step 1

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Be free and do not hasitate to contact us!. We offer you free consulting, regardless of the fact that you are our patient or not, if you have a problem or not or you just need a piece of advice.

You can contact us by the online form , phone number 021 6 571 813, 062 84 83 016, or Viber-a i WhatsApp-a.
We also communicate by Facebook . You can send us a photo or a record and get a piece of advice from our team of experts.

Teeth recording - step 2

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The RTG device for 3D tooth shooting has a use permit from the Ministry of Environmental Protection. We use a new state-of-the-art appliance brand "Kavo", which is the world leader in the manufacture of dental equipment. So we get high resolution images with minimal radiation.
When you take your teeth in our office, you can be sure that the radiation dose will not be greater than what is necessary to perform the recording. The device's correctness and dosimetric control are performed by the "Institute of Physics" in Novi Sad.

Voleli bi da istaknemo da se naš RTG aparat za 3D snimanje zuba nalazi u samoj ordinaciji tako da naši pacijenti ne moraju da napuštaju ordinaciju kako bi obavili snimanje zuba. U našoj ordinaciji se dobija kompletna usluga, sve na jednom mestu.

All images are burned exclusively on a CD.

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Teeth recording price:

Digital Ortopan
10 €
3D dental record
25 €

Field view

3D dental record
40 €

One jaw

3D dental record
60 €

Both jaws


Dr Srđan Lolin is an oral surgery specialist, Master of Laser Dentistry. Dental practice Lolin is the only one in this region that does hard and soft tissue surgeries using the most modern laser systems.By using lasers ,we are able to avoid aggressive interventions and get faster recovery.The best results are in periodontal disease treatments. Our patients are offered a full treatment , like in any other big European centers.

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We are also responsive by Facebook.You can send us X-ray or a record and our team will offer you all the possible solutions to your problem.
If you have any questions and you want a more precise answer about the therapy and price ,you can send us the X-ray of all your teeth by online form. .Our practice is located in Novi Sad.
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021 6 571 813, 062 84 83 016 or Viber-a and WhatsApp-a,Or you can write [email protected]

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