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Wisdom teeth removal


Wisdom teeth removal is something you should consider ,if they did not occur after the age of 25.

Many people do not have enough space in jaws for those teeth,so they should get removed. We can say,shortly, ‘if there is an impacted tooth,you should remove it. The sooner you do it – better for you”.
We can help you decide if you want to take care of your wisdom teeth ,which treatment to use and the cost of it.The doctor will numb your mouth with anesthesia and you will see that the whole surgery is far less dramatic,than you might have heard of.
If you want to know more about these teeth , you will find the answers to the most common questions in the following text.


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Organized accomodation and the first dental examination.


3D record and temporary teeth after the dental placement.


Surgical intervention of the immature tooth or cyst
Dental operation - step 1

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Wisdom teeth removal

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth (aldo known as the third molars) are teeth that come in at the back your mouth between the age of 18 and 25.They are the last one to come in.

Are they problematic?

No. If they come in and are set in the teeth row normally , they may be very useful. If you brush them regularly,they may last the lifetime.

What are impacted (trapped in ) wisdom teeth?

Usually there is no space for them in jaws,since they come in last,so they may be partially or fully impacted .

Dental cyst


Dental cyst is a sac of tissue that has either fluid or soft material in it.

It may grow in jaws or soft tissue (mouth, cheek…). There are two most common types of cysts in jaws : radicular cyst (on the top of the root) and follicular cyst.
Dental cysts (on the top of the root) appear as an organism reaction to a constant infection that comes from the top of the root in jaw from infected dental pulp (gangrene), caused by caries. Folicular cysts are cysts that develop around dental crowns of impacted tooth , usually around impacted wisdom tooth or canine tooth. They mostly grow without symptoms and as
seen only in both jaw ortopan. In most cases,when they appear it is necessary to extract the tooth together with the cyst.

In most cases, when it is detected too late, it is necessary to take out the tooth together with the cyst.

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Tooth surgery - price

Tooth extraction
20 €
Complex teeth extraction
25 €
Operation cysts on the tooth
100 €
Laser surgery cyst on the tooth
150 €
Surgical exercise of teeth
100 €
60 €

Can there be more cysts at the same time?

If there are more infected teeth in mouth, each one may have a cyst. Some people have greater possibility of having them because of bad oral hygiene and untreated teeth with big caries. Lately, it is believed that there is genetic predisposition for development of these lesions, which may be prevented by timely therapy. Some sindroms are inborn and besides others,there is a characteristic multiple-cystitis.

Dental cyst

Dental cysts mostly grow without symptoms ,until they reach certain size or acute dental infection . Following symptoms may indicate the existence of cyst:

  • tooth colour change (sign of dead pulp)
  • untreated big caries lesions on tooth
  • bump on the bone above tooth (grown cyst)
  • watering blister next to the root
  • pain ,when in acute phase, swelling, redness next to the tooth
  • unpleasant nose secretion ( sinus perforation )
  • not growing permanent tooth or persistant baby tooth

Which problems may occur caused by cyst growing?

As they grow,cysts resorb the bone around them and may weaken the jaw , damage healthy teeth , penetrate into neighbouring anatomic structure (sinus, nose) and cause serious complications.
They may be acutely infected and cause large swelling on face with great pain .

Where can cysts appear, apart from teeth?

Almost in any tissue , but one of the most common places is lower mouth. This cyst has no connection to teeth, it occurs when salivery glands canels are plugged,caused by constant lower lip bitting (as a trauma).
The cyst treatment at our practice is done by the newest and the most modern laser system.


Dr Srđan Lolin is an oral surgery specialist, Master of Laser Dentistry. Dental practice Lolin is the only one in this region that does hard and soft tissue surgeries using the most modern laser systems.By using lasers ,we are able to avoid aggressive interventions and get faster recovery.The best results are in periodontal disease treatments. Our patients are offered a full treatment , like in any other big European centers.

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