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Laser has already been used widely .Besides dental interventions, it has been successfully used in following procedures: dermatological problems, corrective eye surgery, operations… All those problems solved with the use of laser will confirm the power of this technology. Now it is available at the dentist's.

What is a laser?

When do we use it ?

Does it hurt?

Why laser, not standard method?

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It is an apparatus that emits beam of certain wavelength that absorbs into dental tissue. There are different types of lasers, some affect hard tissue,tooth and bone ,others only soft tissue such as dental tissue. In it, light beam has beneficial effects.

For you,this means :

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Our laser may be used for almost all dental treatments:

Laser for tooth repair

Tooth repair . Modern technology.The newest Erbium laser (hard laser) in the World , Lightwalker, Slovenian brand Fotona emits light enegy range 2900 nm that is mostly absorbed in water causing its transformation into vapour . Caries tissue has higher percentage of water than surrounding healthy tooth enamel and dentine. When the laser light focuses on it ,it becomes powder, gradually, pulsing as the laser acts . The water that cools ,washes the powder and leaves healthy dental tissue clean.

How does it feel during treatment ?

With the most modern laser systems it is possible to adjust frequency, strength and shape of puls. It is possible to influence the individual feeling during tooth repair and adjust it to reduce pain to minimum or even exclude it.
Laser tooth repair is done without contact . There is a characteristic cracking sound , like the sound of making pop corns, but without vibrations.
The duration of procedure is the same as with rotating instruments (dental drills) or faster because we use a very powerful laser. It is usually possible to repair more teeth during one visit even without anesthesia .

Can laser remove any type of caries?

In 90% of cases tooth repair ends up with laser. Sometimes the intervention is finished with rotating instrument. In cases when caries is under healthy tooth enamel it can not be reached with optical laser beam.
After complete caries removal , by laser beam, the surface of tooth is sterilized and then the tooth is being sealed. After tooth preparation with laser, white seal is needed, because the surface of tooth, that is ideally structured after the laser treatment. Grey amalgam seals are not applicable .
Also, an old white seal may be removed with laser, whereas grey metal seals are not removable because of light reflection.

Laser for tooth treatment

Suppression of infection in tooth root canal (caused by tooth nerve gangrene) is the most important aim of treating infected root canal. If it is not possible to do it completely, then tooth operation or tooth extraction is recommended. That is why a great percentage of extracted teeth are caused by tooth nerve gangrene .
Usually for treating a tooth affected by gangrene, hand or machine instruments are used (needles ) or chemicals. Very often canal at tooth root is bent and impassable for instruments. In that case it is impossible to repress the infection and clean root, extract the tooth nerve. Very often that kind of teeth are meant to be extracted . Apart from classic method ,we use lasers for teeth reparation and treating teeth affected by gangrene.

Why is laser cleaning tooth canal the most efficient?

I phase Erbuim (hard) laser

Laser works differently than mechanic instruments. Firstly, disinfectant solution is injected into root canal and intense light energy is focused on it .It causes photosonic effect and so-called ‘cold boiling’- liquid moves in all directions through canal and passes the narrowest and the most bent canals , cleans remains of nerve and kills bacteria. That is how it removes those parts of nerve that can not be extracted with instruments. That is why for laser treatment it is not important if machine instrument may reach the end of canal or not. Hard Erbium laser stimulates liquid passing everywhere and cleaning hardly reachable and bent parts of root .

II phase Neodimium (soft) laser

After thorough root cleaning we move onto another laser. Another soft laserlight beam is focused onto root canal and it gets lightened. If there are bacteria left they absorb light, their membrane falls apart and they disappear. After usage of these two lasers ,the root canal stays clean and disinfected. This efficient disinfection and teeth treatment can only be achieved by use of lasers.

For you,this means :

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Light beam for soft tissue is focused onto tooth pocket. Light absorbs mostly into red and swelling gum tissue. It calms inflammation and bleeding. After that,laser is used for hard tissue to stop the granulate tissue growing around tooth, in pockets.It replaces mechanic cleaning with sharp curettes.
Using lasers ,we may avoid periodontal disease treatment by surgery.There is no cutting and detaching gums with knife, no aggressive blending and no stiches. After laser treatment patient has no bruises and pain.
Results are visible within a couple of days , because redness and bleeding is lessened.

Laser treatment - prices

Laser tooth treatment
40 €
Laser seal
20 €
Laser surgery cyst on the tooth
150 €
Laser treatment of paradentosis ( one jaw )
200 €
treatment of periodontal pocket - laser
20 €


Use of lasers does not hurt. Depending on the type of intervention , it may cause unpleasant feeling . For example , according to previous experience , for periodontal disease treatment , a smaller amount of anesthesia is needed for treatment of caries . It can cause pain (much softer than with drill), but usually patients do not take anesthesia. When treating cyst postoperative period is shorter and less painful than with standard techniques.
Also, some of our patients said that they were pleasurely surprised , because the different feeling than the one they were used to . There is no contact with the tooth while it is getting treated.All our patients who were treated by laser reacted positively


At our practice we use two lasers: Biolase Waterlase iPlus and Fotona Lightwalker, which are both leaders at dental lasers production.


There are a lot of advantages of using laser:

  • Keeping the healthy parts of teeth and surrounding tissue
  • Greater preciseness
  • No needles and anaesthesia in most procedures
  • Less trauma than a drill
  • Less painful (often and completely painless without anesthesia)
  • Reduced dental visits
  • Reduced fear of dentists
  • A better reaction of children to interventions
  • Faster postoperative period, less painful and with a smaller swell
  • Less bleeding
  • Better filling of channels, less bacteria, less arrivals
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Possibility to perform multiple interventions in one visit


Dr Srđan Lolin is an oral surgery specialist, Master of Laser Dentistry. Dental practice Lolin is the only one in this region that does hard and soft tissue surgeries using the most modern laser systems.By using lasers ,we are able to avoid aggressive interventions and get faster recovery.The best results are in periodontal disease treatments. Our patients are offered a full treatment , like in any other big European centers.

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