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Zirconium crowns/ Zirconium ceramic crowns

Natural smile with ceramic crowns

Zirconium ceramic crowns or non-metal crowns are alternative to metalceramic crowns (dental cover). This is a standard -usage material in prosthesis rehabilitation in Europe and America, and lately in our country, since dental practices use the most modern machines nowadays.

krunice za zube - zubne krunice - ordinacija dr Lolin

Zirconium ceramic crowns production

Zircon side bridge

Metalceramic crowns

Dental prosthesis

Dental crowns - step 1

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Dental crowns

Zirconium ceramic crowns are recommended because of their aesthetic advantages.The tooth is transparent and looks naturally ,because there is no metal beneath ceramic and it is hard to distinguish it from natural tooth.
Zirconium is made by computer-driven machine from original material (made in Germany). The patient gets a quality certificate .

Basic advantages of zirconium compared to metal :

  • Biocompatibility with mouth tissue because of the fact that zirconium is bioinert and does not cause any allergic reactions .
  • The risk of dental nerve irritation is lessened because of little thermal conductivity of this material and minimal need for teeth preparation.
  • The results are long-lasting because of their high mechanic resistance and the fact that there is no possibility of corrosion in mouth , because saliva may act as electrolyte with different kinds of metals in mouth.
  • It does not cause dark colouring of gingive around ceramic crown that may appear in teeth with metal base.
  • Greater transparency compared to metalceramic ones (shown in the photo next to this).

Comparison of metalceramic and zirconium

Put next to natural teeth- hard to distinguish. Patients amazed with results! Nowadays,there is a trend of applying non-metal prosthesis restaurations ,such as zirconium ceramic bridges and crowns.

Complete dental row of zircon

Work protocol at our practice
Before placing zirconium ceramic crowns,it is usually necessary to do a desinfection of dental pockets to avoid redness and gingive bleeding around teeth after the final step. At our practice , processing dental pockets is done by new generation lasers, without sharp curettes.

Laser modifies gums around teeth (painlessly and without bleeding) in order to get better aesthetic result.

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Price of one zirconium crown is 220 €. Discount price allowed for more teeth.

For patients who are not from Novi Sad we can offer appartments above our practice available upon request (25 € per night) and garage for your car ,also in the same building .
Numerous patients have visited us and shared their positive experience .

Look at this patient’s result , achieved placing pure ceramic crowns

Dr Lolin explains in detail non-metal crowns in the video:

Zirconium crowns next to a natural teeth, hard to distinguish

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Dental crowns - price

Total dental prosthesis
250 €
Partial skeletal prosthesis
350 €
Vertek silicone prosthesis
350 €
Implant prosthesis Neodent
1200 €
Temporary prosthesis
1500 €
Temporary fixed teeth on implants
450 €
Repair of dentures
20 €
Facade ceramic
250 €
Metal-ceramic crown on tooth
80 €
Poured upgrade
30 €
Chopped crown of pure ceramics
250 €
Sliced ​​ceramic crown on implant
350 €
Cirkonijum kruna na implantatu
350 €
Zirconium crown on tooth
220 €
Metaloceramic crown in the bridge on implants
100 €
Metaloceramic crown on implant Neodent (cement.)
160 €
Metaloceramic crown on implant Neodent (screw)
170 €
Metaloceramic crown on the Astra implant
250 €
Acrylic fixed teeth on 4 implants
1300 €
Acrylic fixed teeth on 5 implants
1400 €
Acrylic fixed teeth on 6 implants
1500 €

Zirconium ceramic crown manufacturing

Zirconium ceramic crown manufactured by dental technicians is a computer controlled process. CAD/CAM technology (“Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing”) is used to make identical impression copy , taken by dentist, on reduced teeth, in digital form. Since the laser machine scans model with 10 micrometer preciseness ,it is very important that the dentist does the adequate reduction of teeth, because even the smallest inaccuracy transfers into the digital form.

Zircon side bridge

After that , special software designs zirconium base over teeth and determins the thickness of material needed in each case. The manufacturer gives a guarantee that the bridges are resistant to all the mechanic pressure in mouth and that they are not going to break. After designing , zirconium oxide block strengthened by itrium is put into machine which processes it by computer hand to get its final form. That kind of skeleton is thrown into a stove and sinters on 1500 degrees. That is how it gets the ability to withstand 1300 MP at one point.

Metalceramic crowns

Placing metalceramic crowns or dental cover are ways of substitution . Crowns are thin, hand made pieces of dental ceramic work. They are modeled and formed on model made on your teeth impressum . Cementing is done over your tooth and may be used for coloured tooth correction . A huge gap between your teeth may be eliminated by ceramic bridge and also cracked tooth may be “magically ” strengthened.

By connecting more crowns we get dental bridge that may substitute missing teeth. Current dental ceramic is extremely solid ,beautiful and long lasting .Look at the result made by metalceramic crowns .

Dental prosthesis

Abutment dental prosthesis ! The best solution for total prosthesis

Dental prosthesis are substitute for lost teeth, prosthesis that is mobile and may be removed from mouth (which differs it from non-movable crowns and bridges ), made from od acrylate sometimes embedded with metal or ceramic for extra strengthening. Prosthesis are made by personal imprint taken from patient .
Total prosthesis substitutes all your teeth. Their stability in mouth depends on muscle, jaw bone, tongue and saliva. When the cut after teeth extraction heals, patient puts prosthesis.
Partial prosthesis are made to fill in the gap between teeth. They are hooked to remaining teeth by metal hooks. These prosthesis prevent teeth to move towards empty space .

Dental prosthesis

Prosthesis strenghten muscles ,used for facial expression , that need teeth as support. In that way , they affect solving the problem of sound articulation when a person is without teeth and of course help when chewing . If there are a couple of teeth remaining in the jaw, there are different solutions for prosthesis stabilization.That are invisible abutments or attachments , telescope crowns etc.
Combined metalceramic crowns , bond by attachments to a skeleton prosthesis, are a very popular solution. If you are interested ,we will make the best solution for you in our practice .

Look how total dental prosthesis with abutment over implant looks :

Advantages of non-metal crowns:

  • High aesthetic result
  • Solid resistance and longevity
  • Short period for production: 1-2 days.
  • Not a lot of visits to dentist.
  • Each tooth produced individually (solo crowns )
  • Computer manufacture, high precission.

Old way

Thorough dental drill. Taking the imprint with classic material and factory spoons . Very often unpleasant to patient . A lot of visits to dentist needed, 7-10 days for production. Teeth are mostly connected together as a bridge. Metal edge visible next to gums, which is not the case with the most modern non-metal crowns.

The most modern way

Cutting the non-metal crown from ceramic block.

Non-metal crowns at dr Lolin practice are manufactured on CNC machine that is called CEREC,which is a computer driven lathe that cuts out crown from ceramic block.
After teeth preparation ,mouth are scanned and information are transferred into computer. That is how we get a very precise 3D model. We design a crown or bridge by computer software. It is possible to imitate natural look of teeth with its distinguishing features,change the shape and colour,but keep the natural look.

Why do we recommend non-metal crowns?

  • FASTER. Crowns , seals and bridges made in computer driven lathe CEREC may be finished within a day.It saves patient’s time.
  • MORE RESISTANT. Crown is not made in layers, there are no material chipping. There is enough resistance to chewing pressure in mouth.
  • HEALTHIER. There isn’t metal that may affect gums and make an inflammation.
  • NATURAL AND MORE BEAUTIFUL LOOK. Without metal there is high material transparency ,just like in natural enamel.
  • CAD CAM machine that we use is the last generation model with the newest 4.4 software . It is able to cut the most complicated dental pieces with an excellent aesthetic result.



  • TEETH PREPARATION, less than in metalceramic crowns. We save dental tissue.
  • MAKING TEETH from ceramic block. Short time needed.
  • POLISHING and final touch .

The price of non-metal dental crown 250EMAX ceramic. The price of pure ceramic Cerec machine cut crown ,that is fixed onto the implant costs 350 €.

Why is it important to have the missing teeth replaced?

There are plenty of reasons why you need to have the missing teeth replaced in your jaw.
Three reasons ,that are the most important to work on: your health,aesthetics,gums function and illness.


People are the only mammals that show teeth when they are happy and in a good mood . We call it smiling.Empty space appears when a tooth is lost and it may be visible when smiling. This may unconsciously influence person’s behavior when in contact to other people. By prosthesis replacement of the missing teeth we make influence on our looks , smile and self-esteem .


Teeth are needed for efficient food chewing. When we lose one tooth, it excludes its opposite tooth in the other jaw from chewing functioning . This functional loss imposes other teeth additional ’work’. That is why other teeth get wasted or even the crown gets broken . Teeth may move towards an empty space, stick from jaw and get longer than other teeth.

Dental illness

Teeth loosing, sticking and other irregularities , may lead to an illness of supportive teeth aparatus and gums. Teeth get loose and the number of missing teeth grows.
Questioned “How may I substitute teeth?”, the answer is :

      Dental implants
      ceramic crowns or teeth cover
      dental bridges


Dr Srđan Lolin is an oral surgery specialist, Master of Laser Dentistry. Dental practice Lolin is the only one in this region that does hard and soft tissue surgeries using the most modern laser systems.By using lasers ,we are able to avoid aggressive interventions and get faster recovery.The best results are in periodontal disease treatments. Our patients are offered a full treatment , like in any other big European centers.

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