Our dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’

Dental tourism Novi Sad

Dental tourism is a branch of health tourism that usually involves a vacation. A lot of people around the world come to Serbia for dental treatments .
Dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’ has decided to contribute to dental tourism in Novi Sad, by being professional.

Dental tourism and dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’

If you decide to do it in Novi Sad, dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’ offers you:

  • Affordable prices
  • X ray in our office
  • Short and guaranteed deadlines
  • The highest technology
  • Qualified staff
  • Excellent sightseeing
  • Comfortable apartments to stay .

Dental tourism - offer

Dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’ offers you:

During your stay in our city you can enjoy the walks and tours of Novi Sad, and we will tell you what you must not miss in our city!

Dental tourism - Dr Lolin apartments

Learn the offer of our apartment accommodation for ‘Dr Lolin’ practice patients.
For the patients who come and do not know the city well, we may provide an additional service – someone to welcome at the airport or bus/railway station. Friendly atmosphere and warm relationship between the dentist and patient will contribute to your precious impression and beautiful smile!

Video - “Dr Lolin” apartments

You do not have to walk a lot from apartments to our practice , 5 minutes on foot. Beautifully decorated apartment for your cozy stay located perfectly . All the important places in Novi Sad are located nearby – the city center , malls perfect for shopping , also within your reach Novi Sad fair . Petrovaradinska tvrđava will also be close and try to come at the time of ‘Exit’ festival.

What else can we provide - garage, transfer from the airport

Apart from accommodation we may organize transfer from and to the airport or garage for your car in the building where our practice is. Because of the fact that practice and apartment are located in the wider city center, parking may be problem. You do not have to worry about the place to park and about security. It is all at one place: practice, apartment and garage.

Dental practice ‘Dr Lolin’ wishes you welcome !



Zmaj Ognjena Vuka 14

21000 Novi Sad, Srbija