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Painless local anaesthesia


Why do we use this modern technology ?
For a lot of patients local anesthetic injection is the most unpleasant part of dental treatment. That is why at our practice the latest system for applying local anesthetic ,that does not cause pain, is used. This new technology is very popular for injection-phobic patients.

Painless local anaesthesia price:

Price 1
10 €
Price 2
25 €
little field

What are the advantages in comparison to classic needle and syringe?

  • Precise control of injecting and the pressure while applying anesthetic allows injection to be painless,even with less reachable teeth and regions such as palate, where applying injection is usually very painful;;
  • Ergonomic design and little weight,allow dentist rotate and manipulate and hit precisely the place of anesthesia;;
  • Standard anesthesia techniques are more comfortable and efficient if Wand is used;
  • With usage of one ampule of aneshtetic it is possible to je numb more teeth;
  • No collateral numbness of lips, tongue, nose! Numb is only the treated tooth !

How to eliminate pain during applying anesthesia?

  • Pain during applying local anesthesia appears when needle hits deeply and damages surrounding tissue. Pain can continue even after duration of anesthesia. Especially lower jaw, where the usage of longer needle is needed.
  • Wand – computer system eliminates the need for thicker and longer needle in lower jaw , because the anesthetic is applied next to the tooth and there is no tooth numbness .
  • During injecting anesthetic into tissue , the pressure in it is getting stronger and huge pain is felt. This system measures the resistance in tissue and adjusts the speed of applying anesthetic and shows the dentist exact place where the anesthetic is injected.

What is Wand?

Wand is basically computer controlled injection. The instrument is used to secure a painless local anesthetic applying within all the routine dental treatments including: teeth repair, nerve extraction, drilling it to prepare for crowns, etc. Applying anesthetic is controlled by computer, injection is slow, constant and comfortable. Measuring resistance that fluid encounters during injecting in tissue, computer calculates the best position of thin needle and allerts dentist. Before touching the tissue, instrument ejects a few drops in order to numb the tissue before contact with the thin needle.

Where is anesthesia applied?

System is specially designed to provide anesthesia for a single tooth by applying anesthetic into a thin space between a tooth and gingive that surrounds it. The procedure is done almost without pain, very efficiently, without numb lip or tongue. It took hours after classic local anesthesia for lip numbness to pass, so that the patient could continue doing his/her daily chores or consume food. Not a single conventional technique of applying anesthesia was able to provide so much comfort for patient and such a strong anesthesia for dentist to do the treatment painlessly.

How does computer anesthesia look like?

Aparatus looks like a little computer. At the top of it, there is a cartridge with a local anesthetic. There is a thin tube, from it, ending with an extension that looks like a pen.
Usage of this apparatus is also very comfortable for dentist because the extension is light. In order to start applying anesthesia ,dentist pushes the paddle with his foot , computer does the rest, dentist can focus only on the correct position of the extension.
Cartridge with anesthetic, thin tube and extension are for single usage only.

Dr Srđan Lolin explains the difference between the old and new technique of applying anesthesia :


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